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B guidance on the application of bs 6651 c general advice on protection of electronic equipment within or on structures against lightning. Bs 6651 and bs en 62305 bs 6651 bs en 62305 simple risk assessment structural damage comprehensive risk management calculation based on four type of risk r1r4 two levels. The bs eniec 62305 standard for lightning protection was originally published in september 2006, to supersede the previous standard, bs 6651. Bs eniec 62305 lightning protection standard mafiadoc. A guide to bs en 62305 protection against lightning. Now, a new standard, bs en 62305, has been published for britain. Code of practice for the protection of buildings and.

Annex b guidance on application of bs 6651 iecbs en623053 annex e extensive guidance given on application of installation techniques complete with illustrations annex c general advice. For a finite period, bs eniec 62305 and bs 6651 ran in parallel, but as of august 2008, bs 6651 has been withdrawn and now bs eniec 63205 is the recognised standard for lightning protection. This gave people many concerns as to the complex calculations used when. In addition, the following definitions have been introduced to bs en 623054. It is the british edition of the european standard both are derived from iec 62305 to which. Strikerisk is purpose designed to carry out the complex, laborious calculations of bs en 623052, results can be. General advice is also given on protection against lightning of electricalelectronic equipment within or on structures. As with a free standing mast, catenary conductors can. Bs 6651, but as of september 2008, bs en 62305 has. New european standards regarding lightning and surge. In bs 6651 basic surge protection was mentioned under annex c. Lightning protection lp complete system for protection of structures andor electrical and electronic systems in those.

Standard for the installation of lightning protection systems. The bs eniec 62305 standard for lightning protection. Air rods or finials whether they are freestanding masts or. Lightning protection introduction structural lightning protection design considerations bs 6651 protection of structures against lightning clearly advises strict adherence to the provision of a. Broader focus on protection against lightning including the structure. Lightning protection according to iec 62305 diogo filipe da silva santos thesis to obtain the master of science degree in. Design calculations of lightning protection systems part. Bs 6651 code of practice for the protection of structures against lightning withdrawn bs 6651 was the british standard prior to the introduction of bs en 62305. Bs eniec 62305 lightning protection standard the bs eniec 62305 standard for lightning protection was originally published in september 2006, to supercede the previous standard, bs 6651. All bsi british standards are available online in pdf or hardcopy. Bsi bs 6651engl 1999 1b24bb9 0875920 103 committees responsible for this british standard the preparation of this british standard was entrusted to technical committee geu81, protection. Lightning protection bs 6651 electrical resistivity and conductivity.

The bs 6651 british standard on lightning protection has existed for decades. Lightning and surge protection for rooftop photovoltaic systems. Physical damage and life hazard 3 bs en 62305 physical damage to structure 1. Boltek lightning detection systems whether you need long range lightning detection or high accuracy short range detection, we have the products and accessories to get you started. Lightning protection means protection measures against the harmful effects of. Code of practice for protection of structures against lightning the stationery office on. Bs en 623054 electrical and electronic systems within structures is a complete document dedicated to the problems, and solutions. Gives guidance on risk assessment and installation. Download rc35 protection of buildings against lightning strike. Bs 6651 lightning protection pdf lightning protection bs download as pdf file. Bs eniec 62305 lightning protection general standard. Key variances between the previous standard, bs 6651, and the iecbs en 62305 technical. All bsi british standards available online in electronic and print formats. Method statement for earthing, bonding and lightning.

Lightning protection practical application of the bs en. Download your nexans nx200 fire resistant cable brochure. Lightning protection bs 6651 free download as pdf file. Protection of offshore oil and gas installations does not fall within the scope of this british standard to download standard bs 6651. Information from omega red on british standards relating to. Specifications for lightning protection specifications for earthing and bonding bs 7430 code of practice for protective earthing of electrical installations bs 6651 code of practice for protection of structures. All of our products are designed for easy installation, along with free. The british standard for lightning protection is the current edition of bs en 62305 protection against lightning. Focus on protection of structures against lightning. The problems transients cause and why protection is required. In the preparation of this code, assistance has been derived from bs 6651. Find the most uptodate version of bs 6651 at engineering360.

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