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Depending on the parent rock and climatic conditions soil appears in an infinity of forms possessing an endless variety of characteristics. It is always desirable to use the best quality brick in constructions. A brick is building material used to make walls, pavements and other elements in masonry. Characteristics of good bricks, ingredients of good brick earth, functions of various ingredients etc. Generally good bricks possesses following properties bricks should be uniform in color, size and shape.

In previous blog posts, we studied mechanical properties and physical properties of building material. A correct handling of facing brick and construction materials in general is part of the technical expertise of the contractor. To produce good quality of structure, good quality materials are required. The bricks should have uniform size and plane, rectangular surfaces with parallel sides and sharp straight edges. To sum up, the aforementioned are some qualities of good bricks which every homeowner should know before using it in construction to achieve the best results. Clay bricks and clay blocks resource efficiency action plan wrap.

Early bricks and brickwork in south australia 1998. A good building brick should possess requisite compressive strength, which in no case should be less than 35 kgcm 2. Qualities of good bricks the good bricks which are to be used for the construction of important structures should posses the following qualities. Interior of a hoffman kiln at torrensville heritage sa files. The bricks should be tablemoulded, well burnt in kilns, coppercoloured, free from cracks and with sharp and square edges. Some tests on bricks can be conducted at construction site. Burnt clay bricks, on the other hand, are good quality bricks that. It thus affords a key for mortar when the next brick is placed over it. Therefore, the characteristics of a good brick must be investigated. The percentage of lime should be in the range of 5% to 10% in a good brick earth. A frog is mark of depth about 10mm to 20mm which is placed on raw brick during moulding. Technical note 10, dimensioning and estimating brick masonry pdf file retrieved 8 november 2016. We need to ensure several qualities of good bricks to resist loads acting on it.

Types of tests on bricks for building construction works. Good quality bricks enhance the quality of brickwork. As we know that brick is the important construction unit. A rough test for the strength of the brick is to let it fall freely from a height of about one meter on to a hard floor. The study found that when coupled with good solar passive design, building with bricks reduced internal temperature fluctuations to ensure comfortable living. In brick work, the bricks are laid with frog uppermost. Brick should be hard enough so that it is not scratched by a finger nail. Brick format modern metric bricks in the uk are sized to create a modular format. Early bricks and brickworks in south australia environment. The material files in to pieces when heated and suddenly cooled. Possibly the first successful brickmaking machine was patented by henry clayton, employed at the atlas works in middlesex. Such simple observation will help you decide the qualities of bricks immediately and onsite by one observation.

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